The beauty of the wood can not be contested. Used in traditional or innovative ways, wooden products could add style, warmth and comfort to our homes - or working spaces. In our modern world with its bewildering array of man-made substitutes, wood is the only material that transcends utility and transforms a product from merely functional to beautiful. 

No matter how hard others try to make their vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass products look like wood, they are never able to equal its elegance; even a casual observer instinctively knows when they are looking at "the real thing."

Whether your home is traditional, contemporary or your own unique design, wood-crafted products will enhance its high quality, and its look and 'feel.' Wood is favored by architects because of its incomparable design and finishing flexibility, and will add significant value to your home, thanks to its timeless beauty and warmth.

Before After

Bespoke sliding doors. Our client wanted a technical solution to exclude any guide rails on the floor. Obviously, the door design was planned to fit with the rest of the house joinery. By the way, the property also was previously refurbished by us.

During a more ample project, we found time to make this desk. Our client wishes was to have a child proof access to the computer's front panel. We suggested a bespoke desk and this was the results.

It's a chest. No, wait! It's a folding bed! Or a chest with a folding bed? Or a folding bed within a chest?

An incredible simple and beautiful bed, with a bit of asian style.

What else we can do

Storage and shelving systems

Worktops - kitchen and bathroom


Tables, garden furniture




Kind words from our clients

Our clients are the only ones who can tell you how truly satisfied they are with our:

  • work
  • communication
  • attention to:
    • details
    • budgets
    • schedules.

We would love to add you to the list too!

Below are some excerpts from email correspondence with our customers.

We can always provide a list of satisfied customers who, before starting work, to be selected at random to confirm the quality of our services.

Thank you Sorin,

K. and D. are very good friends of ours who are moving to Ruislip, not far from us! I reccommended you to other friends too, who are thinking of a bigger job (probably including staircase, like ours).

Looking forward to hearing back from you when you are ready.

Sabrina T.
London, HA4


Dear Sorin,

Thank you very much for the invoice. Everything is clear and we are very happy with your work.

Hopefully we will be in touch for future projects. Meanwhile, I wish you a Merry Christmas and the best for next year!

Gaston P.
London, SW1


Hi Sorin,

We were extremely happy with the results, and since have recommended you to friends and family.

Sam and John D.
London, SW1


Dear Sorin,

Working with you was fantastic. I have worked with 3-4 contractors over the last 5 years, but you set yourself apart from everyone.

From the most detailed quotation, with solutions I hadn't considered before, to the completion of the work, you delivered what I found to be above and beyond my expectations.

Overall, you and your team put together an outstanding product, and I am thrilled with the results. I would highly recommend using your services to my friends.

Daniel W.
London, N16

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We are immensely lucky to work with infinitely variable and immensely beautiful wood ranging from native to exotic hardwoods. One of the fundamental joys of making beautiful wooden products is working these materials.

Each timber has its own character. Each board is different. Some species cut under the chisel like hard cheese. Others have all the hardness and resilience of mild steel but without the coldness of touch.

Cherrywood, Pearwood, Elm, Ripple Sycamore and Olive Ash are all materials that we enjoy working. We do not have a stock of timber, reserved for our clients' projects. Instead, for each project, we source the right kind of wood, from reputable suppliers, most of the time going and hand-pick every and each piece of timber. All we need is the encouragement from a client with vision and imagination.

Worktops from wood are durable, classic in their look and will instantly become the focal point in any kitchen or bathroom. Each wood species has a slightly different shade and markings, such as brown with uniformed fine markings for worktops made from Oak or dark chocolate brown colour with natural colouring for worktops made from Black Walnut.

The beauty of the solid wood worktops lies in their warm tones and natural beauty. When choosing these instead of other worktop types, you benefit from the ability to maintain and enhance its fantastic natural rich and warm look, whilst other work surfaces age badly through the years. Moreover, because solid worktops are constructed from solid materials all the way through (100% real wood), you can easily sand the surface and restore it to its natural glory should you ever need to.

Bespoke furniture, made to order, really comes into its own in a bedroom – we love creating elegant and individual designs for supremely comfortable, luxurious bedrooms; from a handmade bed to a whole room. Because everything is done by hand, we can design something to stand out or to fit in with your existing furniture and home design. All our bedroom furniture is available in any of our handpainted colours or finishes.

Every piece of bespoke bedroom furniture we make is unique and handmade. Each design starts with a conversation, talking about your ideas and design preferences and bringing these together with our cabinetry skills and experience to bring the ideas to life. Our design process includes hand drawn concepts, samples and plans, with everything is done by hand using traditional techniques.