Requesting a quotation

Before to fill the contact form and send your request:

  • because you are just about to spend a lot of your hard-earned money - obviously, much more than on a vacuum cleaner or washing machine,
  • as you may or may not know a lot about processes of the construction industry,

feel free to read some very important considerations about our quotations!

What you'll get from us, when you request a quotation:

  • A free, no obligation consultation - that's it, some builders only "come to see the property", however, in our case, we truly want to understand your requirements, and also to address any of your concerns, and to explain all the process, in detail

and you can choose one of the following options:

  • A free, non-binding written ESTIMATE for costs
  • OR

  • A paid written QUOTATION, with a detailed break-down for labour, with a firm, binding cost - the amount billed for this will be deducted form the initial bill, in case our bid is successful
  • NOTE: Usually, the amount charged for a quotation, depending of the size of the project, start from £200.00, and could go, for very complex projects, to £750.00 or more

    Read more about the difference between paid and free proposals...

How we'll deal with your request, up to the moment of signing an agreement for undertaking your project :

  • In our replay to your request, we'll try to find a convenient moment for you, in order to have a meeting, of around one hour - depending of the complexity of the project, this meeting could take between 30 to 90 minutes
    • We will discuss with you, in order to understand your needs, project's scope and design details, in term of style, layout, appliances, etc.
    • We will try to agree with you within what quality standards should we stay, based on the standards defined by us, and other recognised sets of standards. Over the time, we've defined quality standards, as in following example:
    Smart Services 4 All Ltd. - Quality Standards
    Cracks in painted woodwork.
    Minimal Criteria
    Medium Criteria
    High Criteria
    1/64" (0.34mm) cracks at flat joints are acceptable. Hairline (less than 1/64") cracks at flat joints are acceptable. Cracks are not acceptable
    None, if the criteria are meet. The builder will refinish repaired areas if the builder was responsible for the original interior painting. A perfect match between original and new paint cannot be expected.

    • We - you and us - will analyse how much you are willing to spend - in other words, the budget. If the budget and timing are realistic, we'll explain, in detail, the entire process.
    • We will take measurments and pictures
    NOTE: taking in account the complexity of the above, we will decline "speed dating"-style meetings, organised with/for a group of bidders, in the same (usually, short) interval of time, because we have a big dose of respect for our clients and our time.

  • According with all the informations collected during our meeting, and what type of output you have chosen, we will:
    • Draw a free, non-binding written ESTIMATE for costs, taking in account our experience.
    • OR

    • Draw a paid QUOTATION, with a detailed break-down of labour, with a firm, binding cost, based on precise calculus
  • If your choice was for a paid quotation, we will release this document to you, after we receive the agreed payment
  • In case you will have any questions or concerns, we will be more than happy to address these, and to amend the estimate/quotation, based on this - however, we will not do more than one single free of charge variation, and any other further variations will be charged as separate quotations
  • If you are happy with our price proposal, and you'll manifest a clear decision to appoint us as your contractor, we will provide references from past clients, and we will sign the agreement to undertaking your project
Simply Business - Builders Public Liability Insurance

Simply Business - Builders Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability : £2,000,000
Employers Liability : £10,000,000

View our policy details

Here are some important other considerations about proposals, selecting your contractor and other things:

  • How to get and compare quotes from builders and tradesmen
  • Quotations vs. estimates
  • Paid vs. free proposals
However, even if these things might look complicated, don't worry, we are just a click away, and we are more than happy to help, with guidance, advice and extra services, in order to provide for your project a successful start!

How to get quotes from builders and tradesmen

Comparing builders quotes is impossible unless they are all quoting for exactly the same job. It's up to you to tell the builders exactly what you would like done.

Find out how to make sure your builder quotes for everything you needs doing,

and you get a complete and accurate quote for what you want to get done. We will help you understand from a builder's perspective why it can be hard to give a quote and how you can help him address this problem.

Getting quotes can be a time consuming and laborious process, but it is an essential part of any project.

Read more about how to get quotes from builders and tradesmen...

Quotations vs. estimates

The idea of getting several prices for your project – the competitive tender process – is designed to encourage building contractors to keep their margins down, so you can find the best price, but how do you make sure the quotes you get for your building project are realistic, and how do you select which quote to go with?

The BIG difference:

A quotation (quote) is a fixed price that can't be changed once accepted by the client - this is what we providwe to our clients!. On the other hand, an estimate is an educated guess of what a job might cost, but it isn't binding. You're looking for quotes based on full specification documents and plans, as opposed to estimates.

Read more about the difference between quotations and estimates...

Paid vs. free proposals

As consumers, we are used to comparing prices. After all, a better deal is usually only a mouse click away. But this has become so much a part of everyday life that the mere suggestion of paying someone to give you a quote sounds utterly absurd. Well, call us absurd, but we are about to suggest that you do just that.

We firmly believe that it's often in your interest to pay for a quote from a builder.

Let’s take the case of a house extension. “How much will it cost to extend my house?” you might ask a builder. “How long is a piece of string?” he would reply. “Ha ha, but really… roughly how much?”

Your question seems reasonable enough to you, but...

Read more about the difference between paid and free proposals...

Alternatively, if you want to send us documentation - i.e. arhitectural plans - feel free to contact us by post - 97 Colin Crescent, London, NW9 6EU

 Thank you!

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