Maintaining a property requires a wide range of services to ensure that the establishment needs are met. Property maintenance services are equally required by domestic, commercial establishments, hotels, educational establishments and industrial units.

However, when it comes to the maintenance of a portfolio of domestic properties the requirements are more basic and probably needed on a daily basis.

Maintenance process could include a wide variety of services such as:

  • painting / decorating,
  • repairing damaged plaster or paint,
  • tiling and/or replacing old/damaged grouting,
  • resealing work in kitchens and bathrooms,
  • putting up shelves and assembling furniture,
  • hanging mirrors and pictures,
  • fitting curtains and blinds,
  • changing locks,
  • Plumbing activities:
    • fixing leaks,
    • changing taps,
    • repairing flush mechanisms,
    • installing washing machines,
  • Electrical services:
    • fitting lights and replacing switches,
    • installing and repairing sockets,
    • replacing extractor fans and so on...

These are only some of the services that property maintenance requires. It is essential to have access to a pool of qualified and trained electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and other skilled work men. They should be able to fix fuses, change washers, fit showers change locks, hang pictures or assemble furniture and other such activities, at short notice and at any time of the day. Might seem that most obvious and cost effective solution is to hire a multi-tradesman to deal with everything.

Honestly, you'll never find just one man, good enough to deal with all the problems which may occurs when we talking about maintenance of a property. Or, if you'll find such a person, be sure he'll know how much is worth his expertise and will charge you accordingly.

Our solution - simple and effective

On short

All you have to do is to evaluate how much an employee, able to carry out a wide range of tasks, will cost you.

Then, just tell us this figure, and with this budget you can have one of our tradesman to take care of your property on full time/part time basis, exactly like your own employee will do.

The advantages are obvious:

  • you will not have to bother yourself with one or more emploees
  • you will eliminate the overheads generated by an such employee - car, fuel, tools, replacement for holydays, etc.
  • for certain tasks we will send a specialist - electrician, plumber, tiler and so on

In our case, all you have to do is to pay to us the amount, as we agreed and you'll be informed with a weekly report about how the works are done.

How it works?

We Come and Visit You:

Once you have contacted us we come and visit you since it is easier to explain our services face to face. During this visit we will ask you about your current maintenance services and any problems you are encountering, and ask you to show us around the property. We will also ask you for a floor plan if you have one.

A Written Proposal:

Once we have met with you, we will produce a fully costed written proposal. If you agree with this, we will provide you a comprehensive Property Maintenance Report, which will include a maintenance schedule, containing detailed information on how we'll do the job. We can tailor make your report to cover your specific requirements. As an example, for a domestic property, the following could be included:

  1. EXTERNAL AREA: the condition of the driveway, porch/patio, decking, stairs and entryway will be checked along with any fences/gates and any external lighting.

  2. EXTERNAL AREA - THE HOUSE: here we will take a look at any blocked gutters and the state of the eaves/fascias.Your windows, frames & sills and double glazing will be checked and we will discuss the condition of any external paint.

  3. THE GARDEN: this area covers the checking of the garage and any outside structures (this inlcudes any electrical eppliances i.e lawnmower). The condition of the garden foliage and maintenance required will be discussed here and external sockets & taps will be checked.

  4. INTERNAL FLOORING: we will check that you have no sagging or damaged floors. This will include the skirting boards and door strips.

  5. INTERNAL WALLS: it is important to check the condition of the walls, especially looking at cracks, water staining, mould etc as these signs often indicate a more serious problem. We will also check all curtains & blinds, electrical sockets and any shelves, mirrors etc attached to the walls.

  6. INTERNAL DOORS: all doors will be inspected to ensure there are no unsealed gaps and that they are operational. The general condition of paint work, locks and doors tops will also be inspected.

  7. INTERNAL WINDOWS: all windows will be inspected to ensure there are no unsealed gaps and that they are operational. This inspection will include looking for sill/frame rot.

  8. INTERNAL CEILINGS: as with your walls, we will be looking at any cracks/water damage on yor ceilings as these could indicate a more serious problem which could be costly for you. Here we will cover the general ceiling condition and check that all light fictures are in working order.

  9. KITCHEN: here we will cover a full test on all kitchen appliances to ensure that they are in working order. We will inspect your cabinets & drawers to ensure they open & close correctly and we will be looking at your plumbing to see if there are any leaks or blockages.

  10. CONSERVATORY: it is important to regularly inspect the general glass condition of your conservatory on a regular basis. We will also check any fitted blinds, your conservatory heating and your tiles/flooring.

  11. BATHROOMS: in the bathroom, all plumbing will be inspected for blockages, leaks, mould and odours. All grouting and sealnt will be check as any damage to these can lead to serious water damage. We will also check all fixtures and cabinets to ensure they are in working order and that doors open and close properly.

  12. OTHER EXTRAS: as an optional extra, at your request we can also inspect your central heating, chimney drafts, air conditioning, security sytems etc.

Staff are Assigned to Your Building:

If you choose to go ahead, staff will be assigned to you and briefed on the specific services required for your property. All staff are trained in best practice for health and safety and customer service. In addition all staff wear a uniform and are fully vetted.

Day One of Your Contract:

The team will walk around all of the areas of the property. They will be shown what to do, how to do it and how often. They will then carry out the works, overseen by a supervisor.

At the end of the first shift the supervisor will conduct an inspection to make sure that the works has been completed to the required standard as detailed in the maintenance services schedule.

Ongoing Management of Maintenance:

In order to ensure that a high standard of work is maintained, the following are undertaken:

  • Regular site inspections by a supervisor
  • Regular meetings and/or phone calls with the client
  • You will be given the mobile number of the Supervisor allocated to you which you can call at any time
  • A comments book is provided so that you can leave comments for the staff on any aspect of the services provided

This service it is ideal for:

  • Letting agents
  • Landlords
  • Office buildings
  • Block of flats
  • Schools
  • Restaraunts
  • and so on...

Kind words from our clients

Our clients are the only ones who can tell you how truly satisfied they are with our:

  • work
  • communication
  • attention to:
    • details
    • budgets
    • schedules.

We would love to add you to the list too!

Below are some excerpts from email correspondence with our customers.

We can always provide a list of satisfied customers who, before starting work, to be selected at random to confirm the quality of our services.

Thank you Sorin,

K. and D. are very good friends of ours who are moving to Ruislip, not far from us! I reccommended you to other friends too, who are thinking of a bigger job (probably including staircase, like ours).

Looking forward to hearing back from you when you are ready.

Sabrina T.
London, HA4


Dear Sorin,

Thank you very much for the invoice. Everything is clear and we are very happy with your work.

Hopefully we will be in touch for future projects. Meanwhile, I wish you a Merry Christmas and the best for next year!

Gaston P.
London, SW1


Hi Sorin,

We were extremely happy with the results, and since have recommended you to friends and family.

Sam and John D.
London, SW1


Dear Sorin,

Working with you was fantastic. I have worked with 3-4 contractors over the last 5 years, but you set yourself apart from everyone.

From the most detailed quotation, with solutions I hadn't considered before, to the completion of the work, you delivered what I found to be above and beyond my expectations.

Overall, you and your team put together an outstanding product, and I am thrilled with the results. I would highly recommend using your services to my friends.

Daniel W.
London, N16

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