For the deepest of cleans and truly immaculate carpets, steam cleaning is the way to go. With the power of heat and water-pressure, steam cleaning works like nothing else to dissolve stains and sticky compounds, ensuring thorough, effective and deepest of cleans. Key benefits:

  • dissolve and remove stains and sticky compounds
  • doesn't damage your carpets
  • remove sources of odours and microscopic organisms

Steam carpet cleaning explained...

Domestic steam carpet cleaning

Give your home a better feel!. There's nothing better than fresh, clean carpets! No more stains. No more nasties. No more hay fever in the morning. Your carpets will look amazing, feel incredible and make your home more liveable.

Red wine always seems to hit the carpet! So the party stays on the carpet, and often in the worst of places! And that's not to mention those mysterious things that get trampled in from outside. These kinds of stains simply don't come out, even with hard work. And this really isn't the sort of work you can do yourself. Left unchecked, these are the things that can wear out a carpet, fast. The stains, dust and grit that find their way into your carpets can cause damage, so your carpets really do need to be cleaned professionally.

In short:
Saving money
Professional cleaning actually saves you money by extending the life of your carpets. If your carpets are professionally cleaned on a regular basis they can literally last for ages.
Improving the appearance
The appearance, feel and texture of your carpets will be greatly improved. Your carpets will be back to their best, and will almost feel like they're brand new!
Healthy home
Removing dust and grime also eliminates the harmful allergens, pollen, moulds and fungi that can accumulate over time and threaten the health of your family.

Once you've had your carpets done, you'll know that you've permanently removed those stains and blemishes, and can make sure that your carpets are kept in good condition.

Office and commercial steam carpet cleaning

Improve the look of your business! A proper clean will lift the presentation of your business instantly! Your carpets will look better, feel better and have their natural colour back. Don't think your customers won't notice the difference, and don't think your staff won't appreciate the improvement.

If you're running a business, you'll know how difficult it can be to stay presentable and maintain a good working environment for your staff. Carpets, in particular, take a battering from daily wear. Grit, odours and stains are unavoidable. Allergens, dust and fungi build up in the carpet over time, and can often lead to hygiene issues down the track. Regular office cleaners aren't equipped to deal with these problems. What you need is professional carpet cleaning.

In short:
Saving money
Regular professional carpet cleaning programs will save you a lot of money over time. Specialist treatments increase the life of your carpets by years, and significantly reduce business outlays.
Improving the image
A proper clean will lift the presentation of your business instantly! Your carpets will look better, feel better and have their natural colour back. Don't think your customers won't notice the difference, and don't think your staff won't appreciate the improvement.
Health and hygiene
Thorough deep cleaning solutions make a big difference when it comes to health and hygiene, because they physically remove some of the primary sources of disease and allergies in the workplace.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner will mean that your cleaning needs are met regularly and that the condition of your carpets is managed and maintained properly. Importantly, you'll have someone to rely on next time something goes wrong (as it often does).

A full range of professional carpet cleaning services:

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a general purpose, reliable cleaning treatment, which improves carpet quality and is very effective at removing stains.

Full-spectrum carpet restoration

These are special treatments that are used to revive and restore the body of your carpets, making them feel like new.


Stain treatment solutions target those impossible stains and really improve the appearance of your carpets.

Complete carpet protection

Your carpets are sealed, to protect carpet fibres and their backing or underlay. These treatments make the carpet stain-resistant and reduce the effects of wear.

Urgent carpet problems

If you've got a real problem that needs work in a hurry, the people we nominate can usually be on the job within as little as 24 hours.

Odour elimination

Odour treatments deal with the residues that cause smells.


Kind words from our clients

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Below are some excerpts from email correspondence with our customers.

We can always provide a list of satisfied customers who, before starting work, to be selected at random to confirm the quality of our services.

Thank you Sorin,

K. and D. are very good friends of ours who are moving to Ruislip, not far from us! I reccommended you to other friends too, who are thinking of a bigger job (probably including staircase, like ours).

Looking forward to hearing back from you when you are ready.

Sabrina T.
London, HA4


Dear Sorin,

Thank you very much for the invoice. Everything is clear and we are very happy with your work.

Hopefully we will be in touch for future projects. Meanwhile, I wish you a Merry Christmas and the best for next year!

Gaston P.
London, SW1


Hi Sorin,

We were extremely happy with the results, and since have recommended you to friends and family.

Sam and John D.
London, SW1


Dear Sorin,

Working with you was fantastic. I have worked with 3-4 contractors over the last 5 years, but you set yourself apart from everyone.

From the most detailed quotation, with solutions I hadn't considered before, to the completion of the work, you delivered what I found to be above and beyond my expectations.

Overall, you and your team put together an outstanding product, and I am thrilled with the results. I would highly recommend using your services to my friends.

Daniel W.
London, N16

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